Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) has announced the completion of its wastewater treatment station to achieve self-sufficiency in water supply required for irrigation and cooling of their facilities. The state-of-the-art upgrade used innovative reverse osmosis, one of the first in the country to use this latest technology.

The new purification station has an average capacity to treat 27,500 cubic metres per day and will be fully operational in October this year. This major upgrade marks a high point in Aspire’s move to meet Qatar’s national strategic objectives of sound natural resource management which makes use of the latest technology to improve systems.

Chief Capital Projects Officer Engineer Mohammed Al-Meer said that the station marks a step forward on their path towards becoming a responsible corporate citizen.

The development of new solutions and the delivery of outstanding results for both our local community and our world-class facilities at AZF is what propels us forward and supports our place as a favourite destination for international athletes and teams.’

The new underground station stretches across 3,900 square metres of land and covers the daily water requirement of AZF, with an average output of 15,000 cubic metres of purified water. The output could be increased by 25% if needed.

The water purification station was designed to fit seamlessly with the smooth structure of Aspire Park. Its surface will have a parking area that can accommodate up to 70 vehicles.

The station utilises reverse osmosis, an environmentally-friendly purification technology that removes molecules from water through multi-stage filters. This technology is widely used in many developed countries such as Japan, Singapore and France. The choice of this technology followed a thorough investigation and consultation with international experts, including several French firms who provided technology that guarantees the highest levels of quality and environmental safety.

Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality and Environment and Ashghal played a significant role in bringing this project to completion by contributing their support and expertise in a variety of areas.

AZF is planning to execute similar projects in collaboration with several Qatari organisations to share knowledge and experience in building one the largest water purification stations in Qatar.

For more information about AZF’s new wastewater treatment station, visit their website through this link