Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) gears up to host comprehensive football training camps for a number of world-class teams this January.

Time and again, these teams return to AZF during winter to benefit from Qatar’s perfect outdoor training weather at this time of the year and prepare for a range of international and continental tournaments in ideal settings. During this year’s training camp season, AZF has announced that it will host ten international football teams.

2019 FC Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich are scheduled to visit from 4 to 10 January; Holland’s PSV Eindhoven from 4 to 12 January; Belgium’s Club Brugge from 4 to 12 January; AFC Ajax from 4 to 12 January; Kas Eupen from 7 to 14 January; FC Zenit from 13 to 25 January; and Red Bull Salzburg from 16 to 26 January.

Aspire training camps attract athletes from the Middle East, Asia, the Americas, Europe and beyond, helping to demonstrate sport’s ability to bridge cultures. This year, AZF has high hopes for more success in using sports to bring people together.