Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q) has introduced three new business administration courses that were developed specifically for the Gulf region.

Beginning in the spring 2024 semester, students can take courses in Islamic finance, Islamic economics, and innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

Michael Trick, Dean of CMU-Q, believes it is crucial for business administration graduates from the Qatar campus to have a nuanced understanding of the local business environment. ‘The Gulf region has so many opportunities for our graduates, and we want to provide our students with the knowledge to be successful in a wide range of sectors… Our faculty members frequently adapt courses to include regionally relevant examples, and these three new offerings will enhance those offerings.’

The Islamic finance course introduces students to the Shariah rules that define Islamic finance, and the main investment structures with respect to traditional conventional banking products.

The Islamic economics course is tailored to students aspiring for careers in finance and public policy within institutions that adhere to Sharia principles and guidelines, including investment banks, national wealth funds, and government agencies.

The final course explores the role that innovation and entrepreneurship play in parts of the world with emerging markets.

Fuad Farooqi, area head of business administration and teaching professor of finance, will continue to encourage faculty members to find regionally relevant content for their courses. ‘Most of our graduates stay in Qatar or the Gulf region. Courses like these will prepare them well for careers that bridge borders and cultures.’

In addition to a central core of courses in business, mathematics, economics and computing, students in business administration must choose at least one concentration area in accounting, business analytics and technologies, entrepreneurship, finance, global economics and business, marketing management, operations management, product management, or strategic management. Some coursework may be completed at the CMU campus in Pittsburgh.

CMU-Q also offers undergraduate degree programmes in biological sciences, computer science and information systems.

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