In today’s fast-paced world, the invitation to explore tranquillity and wellbeing becomes a precious opportunity. Recently, we had the privilege of accepting an invitation to immerse ourselves in the serene surroundings of Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, situated amid the peaceful landscapes of Qatar. This exclusive invitation promised rejuvenation and self-discovery. Now, having returned from this remarkable wellness retreat, we are excited to share our enriching experience at Zulal.

A Tranquil Oasis Amid Nature


We were welcomed at Zulal Wellness Resort with a serene tea ceremony, offering a wide selection of the finest tea leaves sourced from various corners of the globe.

Located on the pristine shores of the Arabian Gulf to the north and surrounded by lush gardens and reflective pools, the resort boasts an ambience that effortlessly radiates calm and serenity. It enjoys an exclusive private coastal location at the northernmost tip of Qatar, close to Al Khasooma, just 5 kilometres from Al Ruwais. It is secluded to ensure the utmost privacy while remaining conveniently accessible, only a 1.5-hour drive from the centre of Doha.

Spanning 280,000 sq m, the resort comprises two distinct areas:

Zulal Serenity: Designed specifically for guests aged 16 and above, offering 60 rooms and suites. This is where we stayed. Our villa had its own private lounge pool and a terrace shaded by various trees, leading to the beach. Whether during the day or at night, opening the door or windows offered the soothing sounds of waves, dancing trees, and the serenading cicadas at night.

Zulal Discovery: Dedicated to families and welcoming guests of all ages, it consists of 120 rooms and suites.

The Art of Wellness

At the core of Zulal’s allure lies its unwavering commitment to holistic wellness. The resort offers an array of wellness programmes, blending traditional Qatari healing practices with contemporary holistic therapies.

For Zulal Serenity, they offer various retreats:

  • Taste of Zulal
  • Mind Body-Wellness
  • Serenity Beauty
  • Natural Slimming
  • Optimal Physio-Fit
  • Therapeutic Cleanse

We opted for the Taste of Zulal, an ideal choice for those new to Zulal or unsure of what to select. Upon arrival, a Health and Wellness Advisor guided us through the menu of treatments and activities, tailoring our journey based on our objectives. Whether seeking pure relaxation or a lifestyle transformation, you can choose a treatment of your choice from the daily menu.

The daily routine at Zulal seamlessly blended yoga sessions, meditation, wellness consultations, massages, unique treatments, and physical therapies. Expert practitioners guided us through each practice, ensuring full immersion in the experience. Tai Chi overlooking the Gulf at sunrise was a breathtaking moment, a connection to the universe itself. Our programme also included skin and body analysis sessions, giving us a better understanding of our bodies.

Guests could also partake in the ‘good night ritual’ with singing bowls, an incredibly relaxing experience that prepared us for a restful sleep.

There were group classes available, but you could also book a private session if preferred. Additionally, Zulal offers a weekly changing calendar of engaging activities, catering to various age groups and families, fostering both active and introspective experiences while promoting love and respect for nature.

Facilities and Wellness Centres

The resort’s facilities are thoughtfully designed to cater to the wellbeing of all guests. It’s important to note that the centres are divided into male and female sections, ensuring a comfortable and respectful environment for all visitors.

The Healing Power of Water and Nature

A unique facet of Zulal is its utilisation of the region’s ancient tradition of hydrotherapy. The facilities here are testaments to this commitment, featuring a hydrothermal circuit comprising various thermal and ice pools, saunas, and an ice cave. My hydrothermal journey was nothing short of transformative. The rhythmic flow of hot and cold waters, coupled with guided meditation, provided a profound sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. Even sitting by the shore, watching the sunset, was incredibly soothing.

Culinary Delights for the Soul

Wellness and mindful eating went hand in hand at Zulal. The resort boasts a range of restaurants that serve cuisine designed to nourish both body and soul. Every meal was a culinary masterpiece, with ingredients sourced locally to ensure the highest quality and taste. The plant-based options were particularly delightful, demonstrating that healthy eating can also be a tantalising indulgence. Click on the slider to see some of the photos.


Zulal takes pride in creating a mouthwatering gastronomical journey at every meal, offering guests choices crafted from locally sourced fresh produce that embody the Zulal way of life. The menus even include calorie counts per dish, supporting mindful portion control.

The resort provides various dining outlets, but here are our favourites: Aizoon, a casual dining restaurant; Acacia, a fine dining destination where they serve Arabic and international dishes while deeply rooted in Qatari culinary heritage; and Al-Sidr restaurant, where they serve global cuisines with a focus on Asian dishes.

A Culture of Compassion and Care

What truly sets Zulal apart from other wellness retreats is its dedication to the Qatari culture of hospitality and care. The staff here are not merely employees but compassionate guides on your journey to wellbeing. Their warmth and attentiveness made our stay all the more meaningful, creating a sense of belonging and comfort. Our personal butler, Uriah, ensured everything was in order and offered assistance with a sweet and respectful demeanour.

Sustainability Commitment and Digital Detox

In addition to its wellness offerings, Zulal is deeply committed to sustainability. The resort actively promotes eco-conscious practices and discourages the use of gadgets in certain areas to encourage guests to disconnect and reconnect with nature and themselves.

A Soul-Deep Transformation

As we bid farewell to Zulal Wellness Resort, we couldn’t help but reflect on the profound transformation we had undergone in just three days. We left with a renewed sense of purpose, a deeper understanding of our bodies, and hearts filled with gratitude. Zulal had not only equipped us with the tools for wellness but had also instilled in us the knowledge and motivation to continue our journey toward a balanced and fulfilled life.

In conclusion, Zulal Wellness Resort is more than just a destination; it is a sanctuary for the soul. It is a place where the chaos of the outside world fades away, and one can find solace in the stillness within. Our time at Zulal was a powerful reminder that wellness is not a luxury but a necessity in our fast-paced lives. If you are seeking a profound and transformative experience, we wholeheartedly recommend embarking on your own journey to Zulal Wellness Resort. It is a voyage to inner peace that you will cherish forever.

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Author: Weslee Dizon

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