Roll back a few years, and Ainsley Jordan was treading the boards of the Doha College auditorium in The Threepenny Opera or singing in the House Music Competition. Now, she is part of the cast of Outlander, a very successful British-American TV series based on the works written by Diana Gabaldon and featuring elements of historical fiction, mystery, adventure and science fiction/fantasy.

Three Penny Opera
The Three Penny Opera

In her seven years at Doha College, Ainsley had ample time and opportunity to hone her innate artistic capabilities, featuring in many school plays and other performances.

Visiting Doha for the first time in three years, she was amazed to find how the city had both changed and remained the same in equal measure. The most emotional part was of course walking down the familiar school corridors.

Having completed her A Levels at Doha College, Ainsley headed to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), ranked third in the world for performing arts education in a global review by the prestigious QS World Rankings 2017. In her final year at RCS, Ainsley was chosen to play the Snow Queen in their winter production, proving her outstanding talent once again.

Doha College, with its wide array of subjects on offer for A Levels – the most comprehensive of the British-curriculum schools in Qatar – was a good platform to develop Ainsley’s gifts. Not a fervent fan of exact sciences, Ainsley excelled at performing arts, and the school was able to nurture her creative ambitions.

I can’t thank Doha College enough for giving me the start in my career and inspiring me to follow acting. The school encouraged me to build on my strengths and pursue my interests in drama.’

Ainsley also starred in a New Zealand movie, What Do You See? She took on the lead role of Hannah in the movie, demonstrating that she has the skills to tackle everything thrown her way.

You can see Ainsley in the upcoming series 4 of  Outlander, playing the role of Judith Wylie. You can also follow updates of her career on social media.