Doha College put on yet another spectacular large-scale annual stage production involving at least 100 students from Year 7 up to Year 13, and three and a half hours of show for three nights! 

Created by Doha College Head of Drama Jane Williams, the play focused around five argumentative siblings who became immersed in five classic books: Alice in Wonderland, Les Miserables, Oliver Twist, Lord of the Flies and The Boy at the Back of the Class. Each set tells a stirring story, and along the story, the protagonists discover qualities within themselves that help them grow and understand each other more.

Doha College Paper children production 3
Alice in Wonderland

The production was an extraordinary feat, not only because of the significant roles that each student played, but also because of its outstanding direction and acting, as well as the well-prepared musical numbers. The costumes and the mise-en-scène, the use of sound, light and colour, was so inventive that it was a crucial part in the story-telling – a measure of the skill and professionalism of the 16-strong backstage student team.

Doha College Principal Dr Steffen Sommer was enthralled with the show, calling it an incredibly polished performance!

Everything went seamlessly, perfectly-timed and crafted – a credit to our Drama Department and our hard-working students. As a High Performance Learning school, productions such as this support a vast number of the attributes and values we see as critical in a Doha College student.’

Doha College offers (I) GCSE and A-Level courses in drama and music, and closely aligns with independent academies Musiqaa and Mockingbird Youth Theatre. Visit their website for more information about their programme offers.