International Week, celebrated in various educational establishments around the world, was marked in Doha College with a plethora of activities.

Student representatives at Doha College described the event as a celebration to recognise the different countries of their origin, including students and teachers. They said that learning about different cultures helps them have a better understanding of the world and of people, supports open-mindedness, tolerance and acceptance.

Each class chose a country and their activities and lessons were based on their chosen nation. Each country had a dedicated stall for display, which students filled with flags, leaflets, posters, books, artwork, musical instruments and artefacts related to its culture. Canada’s stall even had a running waterfall included in their display, showing off not just the natural beauty of the country but also the design and technology talents of those in charge of the Canadian section.

Food was also an important part of the day: parents brought dishes belonging to the countries chosen by their child’s class. Many parents had to try their hands at certain cuisines for the first time!

Students also adorned their own traditional attire (or country colours) proudly, keen to share interesting facts about their origin. They watched traditional dancers from Indonesia and Pakistan, and about the contributions of various countries towards the advancement of science and civilisation.

The students of Doha College had their educational experience all the more enriched by International Week!

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