A team of 12 students from Doha College organised a large collection of food, toys and blankets for the rescue animals at Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS). They received, classified, packed and arranged transportation of the donations that came from the secondary school students and their families.

The students, ranging from Years 7 to 11, managed to gather 120 packets/boxes of cat food, 92 packets/boxes of dog food, 4 large boxes of blankets/bedding, and 1 large box of toys. On their trip out to the QAWS grounds, they walked dogs, cuddled cats and spent time furthering their understanding of the animals’ needs.

Janet Berry of QAWS said:

A huge thank you to all the staff and students from Doha College who rallied together to collect a mountain of donated food and bedding for the animals at QAWS! Many thanks to all those who came out to the shelter to deliver the donations and volunteer their time with the animals.’

Doha College QAWS

Doha College runs a students’ committee dedicated to charitable actions, who also support ‘2nd Chance Rescue’ centre and other causes inside and outside of Qatar. To find out more, visit www.dohacollege.com.