Doha College recently celebrated World Environment Day with a plethora of activities focused on this year’s theme ‘Plastic Planet’. The school has been leading the campaign for increased environmental awareness in the country.

Waves of green outfits flooded the classrooms, with many students being outstandingly creative with their costumes. Year 5 students created some amazing images using green screen technology, while others researched related themes.

The school invited special guests who spoke to students about many topics, including healthy living (Baba Ganoush), the conservation of bees (Shangri-La Hotel), upcycling tyres and building bird feeders (Vintalgia), and ocean conservation (parent volunteers).

Students were also involved in activities such as creating junk models using recycled materials, building solar panel kits, and participating in class debates on topical issues such as the use of water in agriculture.

Eager students brought in one piece of plastic each that would have otherwise have been discarded, to create a spectacular art project. Even though each child brought only a small amount of their regular plastic waste, the sight of it all provided an impactful image in everyone’s minds.


Doha College also ran an entire month of ‘Ocean Awareness’ activities in February. The school has always made sure that the environment is a priority in school trips and in the way they engage with the larger community. Indeed, they were the first school in Qatar to be awarded an Eco-Schools Green Flag from the Foundation for Environmental Education in 2016, in recognition of their continuous work on environmental matters.

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