Doha College, one of the oldest international schools in Qatar, recently held a beautiful outdoor Iftar celebration, welcoming its community with open arms.

Students, parents and staff gathered together as the sun set, immersing themselves in the spirit of Ramadan and sharing in the rich tapestry of cultural and religious traditions.

The evening began with soul-stirring Qur’an recitations and insightful presentations on the profound significance of Ramadan, Garangao and Eid al-Fitr. The atmosphere was further elevated by enchanting Ramadan poetry and Nasheed performances, culminating in the resonant call of the Adhan and a heartfelt communal prayer.

As Iftar arrived, attendees eagerly broke their fast and enjoyed a feast under the starlit sky. In a true demonstration of the spirit of sharing and generosity, everyone contributed a delectable dish to be enjoyed by all.


Doha College extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Islamic Studies Department, Modern Foreign Languages, and the generous sponsor, Commercial Bank of Qatar.

Most importantly, they thank the parents who contributed a veritable banquet of mouth-watering dishes for the community to relish. The event left a lasting impression of connection and spiritual fulfilment in the hearts of everyone present.

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