Doha College has opened a plant-based school café inside their campus, in partnership with Superheroes Eat Plants – the very first in Qatar – offering a  wide variety of nutrient-packed meals, desserts, fruit and juices, served with minimal and sustainable packaging.

Founded by Rebekah Gomez, the mission of Superheroes is to change the way the world thinks, eats and lives in one generation. That might sound fast, explains Rebekah, but one generation is all we’ve got.

New Vegan Cafe Doha College
Dr Steffen Sommer with Rebekah Gomez (left) and Layla Al Dorani. 

Superheroes Eat Plants was established in 2017 and has partnered with Raw Middle East (Raw ME) to deliver this exciting new project, which was met with great enthusiasm by students and staff at Doha College. Minutes after the official launch, crowds were queuing up for the vegan treats.

Founder of Raw ME, Qatari national Layla Al Dorani has given her full support to the Superheroes project with production, facilities and delivery, as this directly aligns with creating a healthier Qatar, starting with the youth.

This is a groundbreaking moment for Qatar and the region, as the education sector is taking the first step in providing plant-based options to students. It opens the dialogue on plant-based nutrition and compassionate, mindful eating, as well as spreading awareness to future generations on the positive impact on our environment.

She said that as the first plant-based company in Qatar, they are proud to be part of the initiative and contribute to the overall vision of a healthier Qatar.

It’s time we tackle health-related issues, especially in children, and look to support ways that will build a strong, fit nation that will carry on for generations. We are delighted to collaborate with Doha College and share their values in goals for an eco-friendly school and be able to provide healthy, nutritious meal options to their students and faculty.’

New Vegan Cafe Doha CollegeAccording to Doha College Principal Dr Steffen Sommer, it is in the school’s interest that the food students eat while in their care is varied, healthy and of high nutritional value. The philosophy of providing plant-based foods in addition to their current offering, says Dr Sommer, is in keeping with Doha College’s ethos as a Green Flag and Eco school, where sustainability matters.

Being an Eco-school is very much part of our curriculum, and the focus on well-being and healthy living is a centrepiece of what our welfare team do. We want to be a trendsetter and encourage other schools to do the same.’

In 2016, Doha College became the first institution in Qatar to be awarded the Green Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education and has since carried out many environmental actions campaigns.

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