Children and horses – a wonderful combination

Doha College Reception pupils had a fantastic treat recently when they spent a school day at the Racing and Equestrian Club, learning all about the horses and taking part in pony rides.

Horse riding helps children develop a number of skills including motor skills and balance, and the psychological benefits are equally as important. During the visit, the children learned self-confidence, patience, focus, non-verbal communication and were rewarded with a sense of achievement. These new skills combined with the beautiful scenery and the open spaces while riding, made for a must-have experience.

The young Doha College pupils also learned about horse care and nutrition, watched the horses being exercised in the pool, and enjoyed the tactile experience of feeling the horses’ warm, smooth coats and velvety muzzles. Another exhilarating part of the trip – though not as easy to watch for some – was witnessing the farriers at work trimming horses’ hooves and changing their shoes. The sight of metal bending under the craft of the specialists, and that of horses willingly undergoing the procedure, made a huge impact on the children.

Back at school, the children recounted the highlights of their visit, recapped all the new things they learned, and drew and named their own dream horse. Undoubtedly, they will ask their parents to bring them on a repeat – and hopefully regular – similar venture.

The pupils also learned about an important part of the Qatari heritage. Before natural gas and petroleum changed the landscape of Qatar, Arabian horses played a vital part in the locals’ daily life. Still revered today, horses continue to bring their contribution to society in the form of sports, and offer children a connection to nature they are certain to cherish.

Doha College is one of the oldest British curriculum schools in Qatar providing world-class education for over 1,900 students between the ages of 3 and 18, who represent over 72 nationalities. Originally opened to meet the demand for a British-style education, the institution continues to operate under the sponsorship of the British Embassy on a non-profit basis. The school’s vision is to enable personal growth, instil a passion for learning and create aspirational minds.

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