Doha Marketing Services Company WLL (DOMASCO) has announced the launch of Volvo Personal Service (VPS) at its Aftersales Centre.

A world-first in car servicing, Volvo is first in the automotive world to take an entirely new approach to how service and repair are performed in the workshop. VPS at the Aftersales Centre will make the maintenance of Volvo cars much simpler and convenient for customers.

Faisal Sharif, Managing Director of DOMASCO, said:

Putting the customer first is at the heart and soul of our organisation. We are confident that Volvo Personal Service will fortify our efforts to offer the best service experience to our customers by providing more value for money.’

Volvo’s new concept is based on the Lean methods that are often used in modern manufacturing in order to increase efficiency and eliminate faults. With the new way of working, the workshop will be able to reduce the lead times to less than half, which will also lead to more satisfied customers.

Instead of one technician working on the car, several technicians work together as a focused team – like in a racing pit stop. In this way, the work can be done more efficiently and always 100% correct from the start since routines and quality checks are foolproof.

In addition, all customers get their own dedicated Personal Service Technician.

Customers can wait at the conducive aftersales lounge while waiting for their car getting fixed. Volvo’s efficient technicians usually take only a short time to complete the service.

To ensure all customer cars are equipped with the latest software, Volvo software is updated for free during each periodic maintenance visit and the vehicle undergoes a thorough health check, genuine Volvo care and a complimentary car wash.
The Volvo Assistance plan offers 24/7 protection in case of breakdowns and while servicing the benefit is extended for an additional year at no extra cost.

The DOMASCO Aftersales Centre is located on Street 10, Industrial Area, Doha. For more details, Volvo customers can call DOMASCO on 8008 123. You can also visit their website