Five mascots of Oryx Kids Club – Orry, Orah and their three furry friends – Kamil the camel, Faaiz the falcon and Farah the desert fox – recently made a special appearance at Oryx International School, delighting children who were enthralled by their surprise guests.

The visit, hosted by Oryx International School, gave students the opportunity to meet and interact with the mascots. The special appearance was aligned with the topic of travel, as the mascots demonstrated the importance of team work, leadership and of being global explorers. This follows the official launch of the Oryx Kids Club and the characters’ debut launch in March.

Qatar Airways Senior Vice President for Marketing and Corporate Communications, Salam Al Shawa, said the visit is a great opportunity for the airline to ‘share’ the exciting new characters. Orry, Orah and their three friends will make every flight with Qatar Airways an even more enjoyable experience for families. They will feature in activity packs that is sure to inspire children to be creative and to learn during their journey.

Oryx International School Principal Jarlath Madine said they were excited to welcome the mascots to their school.

This has been a wonderful opportunity for our students to experience and meet these characters. The mascots introduced the children to the diverse world of travel which complements their sense of familiarity when they travel with Qatar Airways in the future. Qatar Airways continues to prove that it is a family-friendly airline with its innovative approach and willingness to inspire children.’

Oryx International School was set up in 2016, exclusively for children of Qatar Airways employees. The school follows the National Curriculum of England, which provides students with a challenging learning environment that is balanced, interactive and supports their development in all activities.


For more information about the Oryx Kids Club, visit the Qatar Airways website at