Qatar’s leading logistics provider, GWC (QPSC) will offer free warehouse evaluation as part of its consultation services for warehouse development and operations optimisation solutions to clients. GWC Consulting works to minimise logistics costs, increase visibility and offer better inventory control while maximising the productivity and efficiency of warehouse operations.

According to GWC Director of Business Process Improvement Hamdan Abdulla Merchant, GWC has spent the past 15 years setting a standard for local and international logistics, a standard they are now pleased to put at the disposal of clients, offering the same experience and innovation that has made them the preferred logistics provider in Qatar.

Expert Assistance Based on Experience

Comprised of a team of industrial engineers, Six Sigma professionals and consulting experts, GWC Consulting brings the best practices in logistics to ensure that a client warehouse is efficient and cost-effective. The solution assures a significant reduction of costs by collecting and analysing data from the client site, allowing for the drafting of a detailed CAPEX and OPEX report. The team then suggests changes to the client’s warehousing and distribution operations, offering conceptual and detailed designs that assure clients real-time visibility over their inventory, thereby assuring business growth through improved practices.

GWC Consulting was developed as a result of experience gained by the company in offering consultations for clients in a variety of industries – oil and gas, aviation, retail, healthcare, and even museums, amongst others. For these clients, the company designed and implemented solutions that assure over 99% on-time order fulfilment and streamlined flow of products through the use of LEAN processes and technology, which has resulted in practically perfect inventory accuracy.

The company has also put plans in place that raise the level of warehousing operations by reducing the actual footprint required for storage through various advanced techniques and racking solutions. The team has also refined distribution management operations, allowing their clients to manage multiple deliveries through dedicated assets.

The company has received much recognition in the field: most recently, the company was named ‘Best Customs Brokerage Company’ for 2018 by the General Authority of Customs; and in 2018, the company was awarded ‘Digital Transformation Award’ by Microsoft for its outstanding achievements in leading the company’s digital transformation.

The company achieved net profits of QAR237.5 million in 2018, an increase of 10% from QAR215.4 million in net profits listed in 2017. Gross revenues meanwhile reached QAR1.232 billion at the end of 2018 compared with QAR981.3 million in 2017.

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