Friends of Nature’s Green Tent has taken their annual programme this Ramadan on a virtual platform due to COVID-19.

The programme is a social dialogue platform for experts and the public to discuss societal and environmental issues, while sharing and providing solutions to environmental challenges. Usually set in a Majis gathering with each session closing with a Suhoor, the programme has resorted to pursuing it’s annual Green Tent online because of the pandemic.

Dr Saif Ali Al Hajri, head of Friends of Nature and A Flower Each Spring programme, and director of the Green Tent symposium, said they must continue to interact with society, spread awareness and exchange information on various topics.

We call on God to inspire us towards the righteous path out of this pandemic, guide us, and help us fight it.

The virtual programme featured guests from various government offices, business associations, experts from the academic community and the media.

So far, the programme has tackled the following topics:

  • Plagues and pandemics from an Islamic perspective
  • Prejudices and pandemics before Islam
  • Islamic laws for patient during the holy month of Ramadan
  • Importance of arts to societies in times of adversity
  • Challenges of people with disabilities in times of disasters and epidemics
  • Illuminating and misleading aspects of social media platforms
  • Inspiring nature in scientific and engineering creativity
  • State institutions facing pandemic challenges
  • Quarantine, psychological effects and the social and economic aspects
  • Digital prospects and transformations
  • E-government, distance learning, digital marketing

A Flower Each Spring

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