Hamad International Airport (HIA) announced the launch of its latest initiative to boost sustainable and energy-saving practices at the world-class hub – the ‘Energy Savings and Performance Awards’.

Implemented by HIA’s Energy Working Group (EWG), the award scheme champions airport stakeholders and Facilities Management contractors that continue to implement energy-saving strategies in various fields of operations at HIA.

The Energy Saving and Performance Awards are comprised of three categories: Best Energy Conservation Project, Best Contractor for Energy Savings and Best Stakeholder for Energy Savings. A total of 17 applications were received across Best Energy Conservation Project and Best Contractor for Energy Savings. A total of 10 stakeholders were considered for the Best Stakeholder for Energy Savings Category. All business units of Qatar Airways Group, stakeholders and contractors who have contributed to the improvement of HIA energy efficiency were also considered for the awards.

HIA Vice President for Facilities Management Michael McMillan said that HIA assumes significant responsibility in reducing its environmental impact and adopting sustainable practice across all of its operations.

We are proud of HIA’s Energy Working Group for implementing an initiative that not only recognises those who are taking considerable strides in sustainable airport operations, but also encourages our stakeholders and contractors at large to take our environment and its future as seriously as we do.’

He said that HIA’s Energy Working Group has made significant progress since officially being launched in 2016. All their members are not only well-versed on the importance of energy reduction and its association with carbon emissions and climate change, but are also committed to tackling environmental challenges and implementing more sustainable practice across our operations.

While we are proud to see that the EWG is taking its work one step further by recognising those who make active efforts in reducing their environmental impact, we are also looking forward to seeing how this award scheme will enable more transparency between our stakeholders and contractors on HIA’s energy-reduction efforts.’

The award applications were evaluated by The Energy Saving and Performance Awards Evaluation Committee, comprised of a selection of members from the HIA Energy Working Group as well as experts in various fields of energy-related activities – environment, electrical and HVAC. The methodology of the selection process included scientific verification of data, comprehensive review of total energy savings per number of staff for each applicant, review of energy projects and initiatives, and contractor/stakeholder commitment to environmental activities and engagements.

Commitment to Energy-Saving Initiatives

HIA continues to showcase its commitment to energy-saving initiatives, implementing the latest award scheme to motivate and encourage stakeholders for higher engagement and contribution, validate energy savings and performance, improve energy efficiency and reduce the airport’s carbon emissions to maintain their ACI Carbon Accreditation Level 3 Status. Another priority for this energy-saving initiative is to strengthen the airport’s best-practices across sustainability and facilitate knowledge-sharing between the airport, its stakeholders and contractors.

HIA Tarsheed campaign

Last year, HIA implemented an agreement with Tarsheed by launching the ‘One Degree Makes a Difference’ campaign, where the five-star hub increased the air conditioning temperature by one degree for the winter period. The initiative saved more than 2,000 MWH with carbon reduction of approximate 1,000 tons.

HIA’s efforts to continually improve its environmental performance by achieving lower and more efficient greenhouse gas emissions, reducing and recycling waste, managing noise, and controlling emissions to air and water are measured annually in a Sustainability Report available to the public via HIA’s official website. The Sustainability Report is a key avenue through which stakeholders are informed on the airport’s environmentally-friendly practices, areas for improvement, and achievements.

HIA’s Energy Working Group, officially launched in 2016, has been tasked with creating, implementing, and tracking ongoing and planned carbon initiatives. The members meet every month, enabling frequent reviews and sharing of ideas and best practices.

For updates and more information about HIA and their sustainability initiatives, visit dohahamadairport.com.