Marhaba Motoring experiences the 2017 Honda Accord

It was a bright, crisp winter’s day with a blue sky and a clear horizon. And we were looking forward to a treat from DOMASCO – the chance to try out the different models in the sparkling new 2017 Honda Accord range, Honda’s flagship saloon.

At Marhaba Motoring we have been fans of the Accord for years, ever since we owned one and had the pleasure of driving it for a number of years.   And not only at Marhaba, Honda’s mid-size car has been on the best seller list of Car and Driver, the well-respected auto magazine, more times (30) than any other vehicle. Just imagine, almost its whole life spent at the top of the charts!

Driver-assist sensors

That’s because it continues to be an excellent package (if you can call a car a package! It offers super comfort with a comfortable ride on whatever surface; it is stimulating to drive for those who enjoy handling a car; and it has excellent fit and finish and build quality.

Over the years, the Accord has never becoming boring, nor shown signs of becoming stale. Look at what we have for 2017. There’s a significant update to the car’s exterior and interior, plus a host of new technology, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus the new Honda Sensing suite of state-of-the-art technology safety features (lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, a collision-mitigation braking system, and more)

Luxurious interior of the 2017 Honda Accord
Luxurious interior of the 2017 Honda Accord

Building on last year’s significant updates, the 2017 Honda Accord keeps its lead in the midsize segment. The current Accord is arguably Honda at its finest and it’s now giving the so-called ‘luxury cars’ a run for their money. Why indeed pay more? And what more do you need?! It scores highly in every category, and unlike many rivals, it’s a genuine pleasure to drive. If you’re looking for a family sedan that does it all, even a sporty yet still roomy coupé, the 2017 Accord’s all-round excellence simply cannot be ignored.

Our cross country drive went smoothly, on the road plus smoothly organised by the Domasco Honda Team. Before and after savouring the tasty gourmet dishes at the excellent Simaisma Resort, we were able to savour the delights of driving, and the pleasure of ‘passengering’, both the 2.4 litre economical entry level models and the vivacious V6 models. Some people, considering the climate and the special needs of children, even prefer the perhaps more functional interior trim for a family car; mind you, even this model has its competitors playing catch-up and, my goodness, the V6 Touring is the icing on the cake, the one that behaves like a luxury car – but without the luxury price. Buy one, but try not to look too smug when you show it off to your friends!

Here’s a video of our Honda Accord adventure:

In summary, Honda Accord is a top-performing family sedan. Acceleration and braking are among the segment best with the V6 model being quicker than many so-called luxury sedans. Handling is responsive and composed, and its easy-to-drive nature makes it accessible to any driver.

The Accord’s cabin is an example of how to get it right. There’s so much space, large doors make it easy to get in and out, it’s light and airy – a great environment for passengers with a good view all round and outside for the driver.

The Accord’s comfort, quietness and overall refinement are standouts in the segment and give some luxury cars a run for their money. It’s likely to surpass many expectations.

The Honda management team invites all those interested to visit the showroom on Khalifa Street (in Lejbailat zone, near the iconic Imam Abdul Wahhab mosque) and take a test drive to experience the ultimate mid-size sedan. The always-friendly and informative staff will be only too pleased to demonstrate all the features of the various new Accord models and, if you wish, the whole stylish range of Honda sporty cars and practical (and still sporty!) SUVs. Call toll-free number 800 8123 or visit Honda website.

Author: Terry Sutcliffe

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