Eid is a specifically joyous holiday where Muslims wear new clothes, visit friends and family, enjoy special Eid food and sweets, and exchange gifts as part of the Eid tradition.

This Eid, we have to stay at home due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that does not mean there is no Eid. We still get to celebrate with loved ones but at home. The festivity continues so why not start by decorating your home?

If you don’t already have lanterns, twinkle lights and other ornaments at home, here are a few DIY ideas for how you decorate your home for Eid to get into the holiday spirit.

Before you begin decorating, there are a few places where you can buy decorations such as Daiso, Al Rawnaq, Ramez, Ansar Gallery and more.

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‘Eid Mubarak’ Banner

Get into the Eid spirit and decorate your wall with a joyful Eid Mubarak banner. All you need is paper, paint, glue and a string. If you’re writing ‘Eid Mubarak’ in English, write down each letter individually on a piece of paper, cut each one out, decorate as you please and put it together with on a string to hang up on the wall. If you’re writing ‘Eid Mubarak’ in Arabic, separate the two words, get artistic with the calligraphy and put the two together on a string to hang up on the wall. Look online for inspiration! You can also find some printable banners online.

Lastly, decide where you want to place the banner. You can create more banners to place on multiple walls. You can place the banner at your front door too to give your house and neighbourhood a more festive feeling.

Paper mosques, lanterns, crescents and stars

Bring the family together for some fun by making cutout lanterns, crescents and stars at home on either paper or cardboard. Look online for designs especially for mosques and lanterns. You might even come across some printable ones. Decorate them with glitter, gems or even confetti. You can colour them with paint, markers or crayons. Once you’re done, hang them up on the walls of your home. You can even hang some up on the front door.

Another option is to stick them on a string to have falling lantern, crescent or star strands. Hang them around your house for decor.

Or how about recycling cans or bottles, and turn them into lanterns? Remove the head and bottom of the can, poke decorative holes into the can and place a candle inside to transcend through the can.

If you’re very creative and artistic, make some 3D lanterns, crescents and stars where you can either hang or leave standing. Fill them with nuts, chocolates, small gifts and more!

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Eid rattle drum

In some Muslim countries such as Egypt, Palestine, Indonesia and Turkey, during Ramadan, drummers walk around the neighbourhood in the early mornings to wake people up and remind them to have suhoor and pray before they begin their fast. On the first day of Eid, in countries where the drumming tradition is popular, people wake up to the sound of the drums. As a result, drums have significance during the holy month and Eid.

You can make a rattle drum for Eid for you or the kids to use in the morning of the first day of Eid to bring the family together for the morning tea or breakfast. It can also be used to call the family to come together for a meal or family fun during Eid.

All you need is a an oval box or cardboard, a wooden stick or screwer, paint, two ribbons, beads and glue. Click here for a tutorial.

Eid Mubarak greeting cards

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Wishing family, friends and other loved ones Eid Mubarak is essential in Eid. It is followed by many wishes and prayers specific to each individual such as marriage, children, career or education development, wealth, health and more. At home, create Eid greeting cards for one another. Get creative! How about a popup card? Once they’re done, place the cards standing on a table somewhere.

You can also send virtual Eid Mubarak cards or e-cards to loved ones whether near or far.

Eid money envelopes

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Children might be the most disappointed ones that everyone is staying home this Eid because guests meant receiving money. During Eid, it’s tradition for children to receive money called Eideya from adults to buy new clothes, toys and other things. This year, get more creative with giving the Eideya in a crafty envelope. Look online for many ideas on how to make the envelopes. There are so many different ways. You can either hide it in their rooms under their pillows, in pockets of their new clothes, or even hang them like Christmas stockings. You can find some free printable Eideya envelopes online.

Eid Calendar

Remember the Ramadan Calendar and the Ramadan Good Deed Calendar? Well, this one is similar. Create a calendar for the three days of Eid where your children can look into a box or envelope everyday during Eid and find their Eideya as well as sweets and chocolates for the day. It could be a task or tasks to perform everyday during Eid so they can get their goodies. You can make the calendar on a piece paper, cardboard or white board. Draw a tick, star or even a crescent whenever a task or activity has been performed. You can even get more creative and make the a calendar with pocket for each task or activity so when one has been performed, you can drop a paper star, lantern, crescent or even a real date into the pocket.

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Eid favour bags or boxes

Another one for the kids! Keep your children excited for Eid with favour bags or boxes full of Eid sweets. You can get creative with the boxes and make them in different shapes such as lanterns, crescents, stars, or even the Ka’aba in Mecca or a pillow case.

There are no rules here. Experiment with color, texture and objects. Unleash your creativity! It’s a fun and quick way to make a gift with hidden surprises.

You can even recycle toilet paper roll. Decorate the toilet paper roll with paint and patterned paper. Starting with the right side, push the end inwards. Fill with sweets from the open side. Then repeat step three on the left side and add ribbon.

Here is a YouTube video to help you get started with your Eid decorations:

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