The Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell vehicle has been named as a ‘game changer’ at the annual Autocar Awards, in recognition of its trail-blazing zero emissions hydrogen fuel cell technology. Skyline Automotive WLL is the official distribution partner of Hyundai Motor Company in Qatar.

According  to Autocar Editor Mark Tisshaw, Hyundai has become a world leader in advancing alternative fuel technologies and developing them to production maturity before its rivals.

Hot on the heels of its Kona Electric — arguably a game changer itself — Hyundai has quickly launched NEXO, a new, hydrogen-powered SUV you can buy right now. It’s the latest of several generations of hydrogen fuel cell Hyundai cars launched while most car makers are still years behind.’

NEXO’s fuel cell electric powertrain offers the latest in fuel cell electric vehicle technology, with increased performance over its ix35 Fuel Cell predecessor. An on board electric motor produces 163PS, drawing power from an under-bonnet fuel cell stack, which combines oxygen from the surrounding air with hydrogen from NEXO’s high-pressure storage tanks. The result is electricity to power the motor and charge the battery, and water vapour, which harmlessly exits through the exhaust. With full tanks of hydrogen on board, NEXO is capable of travelling 414 miles (WLTP) and to refuel in just a few minutes.

Hyundai NEXO (1)

Outside of its environmentally-friendly powertrain, NEXO also has an advanced air purification system which filters 99.9% of very fine dust (PM2.5). The vehicle shows the exact amount of air purified on the display panel in the car. NEXO has also been independently awarded the UL Bio Environmental Seal for the use of bio fibres from sugar cane waste and vegetable plasticisers in the headliner and carpet areas, bio plastics from sugar cane and corn waste in door, seat, pillar and console trims and bio paint extracted from rapeseed and soybean oils for the dashboard and centre console.

The Autocar ‘Game Changer’ awards are handed to cars that bring new, higher standards to a hard-fought class, or for defying conventions to bring unexpected benefit for buyers.

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