For the 10th consecutive year, IAID has achieved 100% passing mark in the recent London College of Music (LCM) Winter Examinations – a UK-based exam offered by its affiliate, the University of West London held in IAID premises last February.

IAID Founder/ Director Rajesh Jadhav said this 100% success rate only proves that IAID has been true to its commitment in providing exceptional quality music training.

IAID offers music courses for children and adults. Training kids as young as three years old, the Academy’s teaching methodology has gone par excellence up to its Diploma certification. This year, IAID has incorporated LCM’s ‘Stave House’ to its Pre-School of Music programme, a method of teaching children to read, write and play music. It uses a magnetic board and magnetic characters to represent the notes on the stave, and the children learn musical notation through stories, games and songs.

After the programme, students can choose their instruments to master in, such as Acoustic Guitar, Classical Piano, Electronic Keyboard and Western Vocals – for students seven years old and up; and Pre-Piano and i-Sing – for students 5 1/2 to seven years old.

LCM Senior Examiner Dr Philip Lane said he had a very enjoyable ten days working at the Academy with their very friendly, helpful staff.

I found the level of ability amongst the students to be consistently high, with evidence of thorough preparation and confident performance in areas such as Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar and Pop Vocals/Music Theatre. Any parent thinking of sending their child to the Academy for tuition should know they are in good hands. Thanks again for looking after me so well on my visit. I doubt if many of my UK hosts can do as well in the coming months.’

IAID is the first school of its kind in the Middle East. It was founded in 2001, and aimed to provide quality training in dance, music, arts and soft skill courses.  They have more than 1,200 students representing over 80 nationalities from around the globe.

Maintaining its high-calibre services, IAID is affiliated with prestigious organisations around the world and was in fact, awarded by Qatar Development Bank as one of the Top 50 SME in the country. The academy has a fully equipped dance, music, and art studios in two prime locations – Doha and their newly-opened branch in Al Wukair.  

For enquiries and more information, you may call these numbers: 4441 1234 / 4432 0974 (Al Hilal) and 4427 1155 / 4427 1166 (Al Wukair). You can also send an email to [email protected]. Visit to learn more about their courses.