INJAZ Qatar, in partnership with the German Embassy in Qatar, and sponsored by Volkswagen, is gearing up to launch the 3rd edition of the Job Champions Work-Readiness Competition this January.  

The initiative promises to bring educators, students, parents and employers a fresh perspective on career-training programmes for university students.

The competition is open to all university students currently studying engineering or any business major such as Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Management, HR and IT. Through a four-module programme spanning several weeks, selected students will learn and practice the whole range of skills to take up a position in the private or public sector as soon as they leave university.

INJAZ Qatar CEO Emad Al Khaja explained that in addition to academic qualifications, students need to be ‘work ready’ – which means they need interpersonal skills, behavioural adaptability and positive attitude to adapt and succeed.

Job Champions Competition

The Job Champions competition equip graduates with skills to meet the country’s increasing demand for manpower, a crucial element of human development and one of the pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030.

The first two modules will be a learning process and will include professional mentoring with Volkswagen in Qatar. This will be in addition to classroom sessions, workshops and psychometric testing. These two modules will equip each participant with practical skills to enter the workplace immediately upon graduation.

Module 3 is a business competition that will give groups of students an opportunity to combine their academic learning with the skills they acquired in modules 1 and 2 to come up with a solution to a real-life problem at Volkswagen. The winning team will go on to the fourth module, which is a grand prize – an all-expenses-paid, three-week internship with Volkswagen in Germany.

With the application process almost over, 40 students have been shortlisted to form groups, with each group consisting of students from a variety of majors. The first three modules will take place between January and February taking into consideration the COVID-19 precautionary measures. The award ceremony will be held in March/April. The three-week internship in Germany is scheduled in June to coincide with the summer break.

Top-Rated Mentorship Programme

The German Embassy in Qatar, which is collaborating with INJAZ Qatar for the event, is encouraging university students to make use of this opportunity to be mentored by a top-rated company such as Volkswagen.

Germany’s Ambassador to Qatar, HE Dr Claudius Fischbach said that INJAZ Qatar’s Job Champions programme is a good opportunity for university students to prepare for their professional lives.

Participants will strengthen their skillset through the programme’s workshops and business challenges and the winning team will have the opportunity to do an internship with Volkswagen in Germany.

Volkswagen is a leading car manufacturer and a technology leader in mobility. In cooperation with Qatar Investment Authority, Volkswagen is developing ground-breaking autonomous transport solutions in Qatar that will transform the future of sustainable urban mobility.

As competition sponsor, Volkswagen will ensure that on-the-job mentoring by Volkswagen staff will provide students with a realistic work experience as possible, to give them a clear idea of what it takes to work and succeed in a corporate environment today.

With an increase in demand for streamlined and comprehensive training in Qatar’s business and corporate sectors, the Job Champions competition promises to provide outstanding mentoring opportunities in an inspiring and exciting environment.

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