Katara – Cultural Village Foundation hosts a vibrant blend of cultural, artistic, and entertainment activities this Eid. With a diverse range of offerings, Katara appeals to all age groups, drawing in a large and enthusiastic crowd.


From morning til sunset, Katara offers a plethora of activities across its various venues, including the Thuraya Astronomical Dome, which captivates visitors with its educational programmes on space, science, and the environment. Meanwhile, heritage enthusiasts flock to the Qatari Al-Gannas Association and the Al-Qalayel Championship, immersing themselves in traditional Qatari pursuits like hunting and falconry.

Cultural performances from Syria, Palestine, Morocco, and Egypt, alongside Qatar’s own Ardha band, showcase the rich folkloric heritage of these nations, while the Katara Oud Center serenades audiences with traditional singing sessions. Additionally, visitors can enjoy artistic displays, artisanal products, and culinary delights, all contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of Katara’s Eid festivities. The day culminates in a dazzling fireworks display on Katara Beach, enchanting spectators with a symphony of colors and shapes.

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