For the first time in the region, Mada provides advanced electronic tracking devices to parents of children with autism

Mada demonstrated its support to families of children with autism at the Gulf Region Education Assistive Technology Conference (GREAT) in accordance with the directive from the Minister of Transport and Communications during the Second National Autism Forum last year.

During the event, Mada announced it will distribute 1,000 devices to parents of children with autism, which will help track and keep them safe. Mada also held a seminar to introduce the system and communicate the benefits of technology in cooperation with the Qatar Autism Families Association.

This recent offering is part of Mada’s mission to ensure that access to the latest and most important technologies are available in Qatar. This high-tech device is able to locate the holder (child) accurately through satellite communication and local communication networks. It is compatible with all models of smartphones and is a device especially created to help keep children with disabilities safe, should they get lost and/or get separated from their parents. The device can also be used as a mobile phone.

Maha Al Mansouri, Chief Executive Officer of Mada, said that they hope to contribute and help make lives easier for children with autism. She said that families face significant challenges when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of their children.

We are dedicated to providing the latest in assistive technologies, in order for families of Persons with Disabilities to overcome challenges that they may face when it comes to integrating them into society.’

The Mada Centre aims to enable all Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in Qatar achieve their full potential through ICT. The Centre provides access to the latest information and best practices, and ensure their optimal usage through assistive technology.

Mada has conducted many awareness activities throughout the year to highlight the positive impact of assistive technologies in the lives of PWD in Qatar and beyond.

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