A highlight in the calendar that never fails to entertain and educate, the Doha College annual school production delivered all that was expected and more. The audience cried, laughed, gasped and was spellbound by the exceptional performances of Shakespeare’s work, interspersed with accomplished musical numbers.

With over 100 students auditioning for the show, the script was adapted to feature a part for everyone. As a result, every year group in the secondary school was represented, from Years 7 to 13. All the cast have drama lessons in Key Stage 3, which helps develop their confidence, creativity and appreciation of live theatre. The script even included a last-minute adaptation to allow for one of the actors’ laryngitis, to the great amusement of the audience.

Jane Williams, head of drama at Doha College, thanked all involved, but especially her A-Level drama and theatre studies students.

They are an incredibly talented, dedicated and creative bunch. This production marks the end of the amazing array of characters they have created for us. Over the last two years, they have performed not only here at Doha College, but also at the Shakespeare Festival, Poppy Ball, Snow White: Doha Players Pantomime, Cluedo at the Radisson Blu, and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the UK.’

The fantastical elements in the play are ripe for non-traditional interpretations, and this staging was set in 1940’s Britain.

Shakespeare should be performed, enjoyed and made relevant for all young people. Yes, the language can be technically challenging, but the students have taken the risk and created a unique interpretation.’

The play featured ‘The Mechanicals’, a band who represented the ‘play within a play’ aspect of the production. Built on three members of ‘Puffle’ (past winners and current runners-up of the nationwide ‘Battle of the Bands’) and with another three additions, they brought an irresistible comedic element which was nothing short of professional.

Musical director Stephanie Gomaa said that arts bring the school community together in such a unique manner.

Music is a key aspect of theatre and it is always a joy to be able to present works, in synthesis with our colleagues in the drama department.’

Doha College offers GCSE and A-Level courses in drama and music, and closely aligns with independent academies ‘Musiqaa’ and ‘Mockingbird Youth Theatre’.

For more information, visit the Doha College website at dohacollege.com.