The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) announced the launch of four crowdsourced virtual exhibitions, inviting their digital audience to contribute towards developing the content of each exhibition. 

The online exhibitions, which will eventually be posted on the NMoQ website, will feature themes that are explored in the museum’s permanent installation, including Qatar’s Culinary Journey and Habitat & Shelters. The exhibitions will provide a platform for sharing creative responses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These digital exhibitions will include:

Qatar’s Culinary Journey

Intangible heritage is an important theme explored across the NMoQ permanent galleries. This virtual exhibition will highlight traditional and personal interpretations of Qatari food. The museum is asking for submissions of 2-3 photographs of traditional Qatari cuisine – from karak to gahwa to mathrooba, harees and other dishes – as well as a short statement explaining how the photographer learned to make the dish.

Habitats & Shelters

Inspired by the NMoQ ‘Qatar Natural Environment’ and “Life in Al Barr (Desert)’ permanent galleries, this virtual exhibition will explore how humans and Qatar’s wildlife take shelter in times of uncertainty to survive. The museum invites its digital audience to share photographs, sketches, or paintings of retreats they have created within their homes in response to COVID-19.


NMoQ Creates Together

Throughout history, great art has emerged from hardship. The current health crisis has prompted remote learning and working practices, as well as increased time at home for creative exploration. The museum will launch the NMoQ Virtual Art Exhibition featuring the community’s artistic response to COVID-19 and its related lifestyle shifts. Submissions can include drawings, painting, sculptures, photography and video. This exhibition is for audiences six to 18 years old and will be celebrated during children’s month in November.

Mal Lawal Home Edition

Mal Lawal (of the past) is a Qatari biennial exhibition that was first presented at the QM Gallery ALRIWAQ in 2012. It provides a public platform for personal collections. The next edition, Mal Lawal 3, is scheduled to take place at the NMoQ in December 2020. At the same time, a special home edition of Mal Lawal will take place online. Audiences are invited to participate by sending images and a brief description of their personal collection.

Anyone interested to contribute to one or all of these exhibitions can submit their entries to [email protected]. It should have at least 1-3 photographs, illustrations, and/or sketches, as well as a 100-word text responding to the specified exhibition(s).

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