Qatar Airways Al Darb Qatarisation Programme welcomed around 40 national sponsored students into its 2023 Summer Internship Programme during an induction ceremony held recently at the Hyatt Regency Oryx, Doha.

The interns joined an ongoing commitment to excellence and hard work alongside many others since the programme started in 2012. The programme will provide them with the necessary insight into their future careers in the aviation industry. It will allow them to apply their knowledge in real-life situations once they graduate.

Qatar Airways Senior Vice President for Nationalisation and Special Projects, Nabeela Fakhri, said they are excited for the students to gain global exposure and learn from experienced aviation professionals. She said that they will be able to understand the responsibilities that come with working at Qatar Airways and develop skills that will help prepare them for their future careers in the aviation industry.

While in the Summer Internship Programme, the national sponsored students will begin their journey with a one-day induction event to guide them during the summer. They are paired with a Line Manager to ensure that they make the most of their internship experience and get the best exposure.

This year’s interns will gain experience in several divisions – Commercial, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Marketing, Corporate Services, Legal and Technical Divisions.

When the internship programme concludes, students will proudly display their newly-honed skills in planning and managing resources. They will also be able to exhibit personal responsibility by working on multiple assignments with tight deadlines. Interns who participate in the Al Darb Qatarisation Summer Internship Programme are eligible to receive course credits from a number of universities.

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