The Cultural Village Foundation – Katara in association with the Youth Hobbies Centre organised a photography exhibition by Qatari photographer Abdullah Al Mesleh on 13 March. The exhibition titled ‘Qatar Between Dusk and Dawn’ captures various moments across Qatar, mostly between sunrise, sunset and nightfall, and offers a stunning visual imagery resulting from the subtle changes in the angle of sunlight.

Cultural Village Foundation-Katara General Manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti said the exhibition encompasses all geographical parts of Qatar from north to south, west to east, and do justice to the various landmarks and monuments in the country.

Talking about his 46 photographs on display, artist Abdulah Al Mesleh said the pictures were captured over a duration of two years, during spring and winter of 2016, and winter of 2017. He was very thankful to the Youth Hobbies Centre for the encouragement, who, he said, have given him support with photography permits from concerned authorities.

The photographer also expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Cultural Village Foundation- Katara for providing him the platform to display his images.

Winners of ‘Doha and its suburbs’ competition were also announced during the opening of the exhibition. The Youth Hobbies Centre will organise another exhibition at Katara displaying the winning images soon. ‘Qatar between Dusk and Dawn’ exhibit is on display at Katara’s Building 18 for one month.

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