High School Students Learn Invaluable Skills to Enrich Academic and Professional Potential

Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC) concluded the fourth edition of its Summer Career Camp, with 55 secondary school students taking part. The two-week camp featured a variety of activities and educational programmes, as well as stimulating workshops that offered practical skills and knowledge to help inspire students as they plan their future career paths.

A large number of Qatari students participated in the camp, which included site visits to leading organisations in Qatar such as Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar Tourism Authority, Msheireb Museums, Qatar Development Bank, and Qatar Business Incubation Centre. These visits offered students a glimpse into different professions and taught about the career opportunities available at each organisation. Students also participated in a number of workshops to help them match their abilities and skills with a variety of career choices.

Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Director of QCDC, said they are pleased with the number of Qatari youth who benefited from QCDC’s efforts.

The decisions they make today will not only shape their futures, but will also outline the future of the country. Therefore, we must ensure that these decisions are made in a mindful and informed manner, and identify the various associated factors. Through this camp and all of its other programmes and initiatives, QCDC aims to help the Qatari youth make positive career choices, which, in turn, are in the best interest of Qatar and its future.’

As part of the educational workshops, the students learned how to write resumes and prepare for university admissions; both important skills as they progress through their academic and career paths.

The Summer Career Camp 2017 focused on additional topics such as entrepreneurship and handicraft projects, in order to demonstrate careers outside traditional office jobs, including starting a business and making use of personal talents. Students also participated in a series of workshops, including a session on how to make perfume. The students were given the opportunity to produce their own perfumes by mixing various oils and scents.

This year’s camp featured special guest Sheikha Al Wadaani, a Qatari psychology major at the University of Sussex in England. In 2013, Al Wadaani created a new game as part of her participation in the INJAZ competition, where she won the ‘Best Student Company in Qatar’ award. Later, she participated in the INJAZ Al-Arab regional competition, where she won the ‘Best Social Impact’ award. Al Wadaani’s game, titled ‘Learn and Enjoy,’ aims to teach students about different school curricula and subjects, inspired by the famous board game Monopoly. Al Wadaani shared her success story with the students and invited them to modify her game to be more career-relevant. Students in turn shared what they learned during the Summer Career Camp 2017.

Speaking about her experience, Mai Al Qubaisi, a participating student, said they benefited a lot from their participation in the summer camp.

We learned how to decide on our academic choices and have a better understanding of our capabilities. I advise all students to join the coming editions of the camp, and urge them to work for the development of our country to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030, because Qatar deserves the best from its people.’

The Summer Career Camp is one of several initiatives organised by QCDC, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), designed to help Qatari youth make decisions on their academic and professional potential.

For more information about the QCDC Summer Camp, log on to their website at qcdc.org.qa.