This Marhaba update provides an overview of the COVID-19 situation in Qatar, highlighting key data and trends in the past week. This update is based on data provided by the Ministry of Public Health.

This week, MoPH has recorded 1,089 new cases from 25 November (Thursday) to 1 December (Wednesday), 178 cases higher than the recorded cases last week (911). Out of 1,089 new cases, 965 are from the community and the remaining 124 are from travellers coming to Qatar.

This brings the total number of recorded cases in Qatar since the start of the pandemic to 243,607. Out of this number, 2,064 are considered active cases, 240,932 have already recovered and 611 have died.

In terms of vaccination, the government of Qatar has already administered 4,989,421 vaccine doses since the start of the National COVID-19 Vaccination Program. 85.4% of the total population has already received two doses, while 498,9421 have already received their vaccine booster doses.

In recent weeks, the combined impact of COVID-19 restrictions and increasing vaccination rates, and the support of the community have resulted in a consistent reduction in the number of new daily infections in the country, according to health officials.

However, the public is still reminded that it is important to be cautious as the second wave is not yet over and there are still two highly contagious and highly virulent strains of the virus that are actively circulating in the community.

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