The Qatar Culinary Professionals’ association in Doha held their annual promotional exhibition last 5-6 March at the Diplomatic Royal Tent joined by more than 30 food and kitchen supply companies. It was the third time that QCP held the exhibition.   

As it was in previous years, the Diplomatic Club hosted the event at its Royal Tent. More than 1,000 professionals from the hospitality sector attended, and everyone was impressed by the high level of quality offered by the exhibition. Guests got the chance to try and experience the food products on showcase.

The role that QCP played in the development of Qatar’s hospitality sector is very important as the association provide full attention and priority to businesses and activities which promotes locally-produced and manufactured goods. QCP also showcases local Qatari cuisine to the public, allowing those not familiar with the local food to get a glimpse of the diverse flavours available in Qatar.

QCP’s newest recommendation is the newly-opened ‘Nassayem Qatar’ at the Diplomatic Club, the first and only contemporary Qatari restaurant in Doha.

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