Qatar Genome Programme (QGP) Manager Dr Said Ismail recently presented a talk at the Festival of Genomics London. The talk, entitled ‘The Qatar Genome Programme: Seizing a Unique Opportunity’ gave an overview of the programme’s structure and mission, deliverables of its pilot phase, and plans for its next large-scale phase.

More than 1,500 researchers, healthcare providers, and industry experts attended the conference, which covered a wide variety of relevant topic areas including cancer genomics, data sharing, drug development, enabling data, genomics in the clinic, and genetic counseling in the genomics era.

Dr Ismail said that by participating in the Festival of Genomics and sharing research with a global audience, QGP is living up to its mission of improving population healthcare and advancing personalised healthcare.

Qatar Genome Programme, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), has already completed whole genome sequencing of 3,000 samples of Qatari participants phenotyped at Qatar Biobank. The programme hopes to sequence another 3,000 this year before increasing sequencing output in the second phase of its efforts.

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