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Qatar Rail Continues Utilising Local Private Sector Support

As part of its commitment to Qatar National Vision 2030 and in line with the government’s diverse initiatives to encourage the local private sector, Qatar Rail has solidified its commitment to the support of the private sector in Qatar. Since its inception Qatar Rail has been steadfast in the inclusion of various local private companies in the delivery of its projects. The company has long prioritised the provision of opportunities to the Qatari private sector through its projects related to Build and Design and accompanying works.

Since its establishment in 2011, Qatar Rail began procuring civil works design and build contracts for Doha Metro Phase 1, completing procurement of the last of these contracts in 2014. To ensure local participation, Qatar Rail stipulated that each civil works contractor must have at least one Qatari member at the joint venture level with the vision that this will  fast-track the development of the local construction industry. As a result, the Qatari construction sector now has greater experience of large complex projects and is better able to support development of key national infrastructure for 2030 and beyond.

In addition to participation at joint venture level, Qatar Rail requires its contractors to maximise the use of local Qatari companies at subcontract level. This obligation is written into every contract awarded by Qatar Rail. Consequently, 1998 subcontracts, which amounts to 84% of all subcontracts, were awarded to Qatari companies.

Most recently, Qatar Rail has awarded the service provider contract for Doha Metro Phase 1 and Lusail Tram systems. In line with the company’s commitment to generate more jobs locally, this contract is shaped in a way that it will create up to 1,500 jobs in the local private sector.

Furthermore, Qatar Rail is now looking to provide opportunities for private sector investment to partner with Qatar Rail on several future projects including Transit-oriented developments, Park-and-Ride facilities, future metro and tram projects, private use of state-owned transport infrastructure for advertising, communications and other uses, renewable energy schemes, provision of feeder systems for moving passengers in the first and last portions of their journeys, and so forth.

Mohammed Al Jufairi, Managing partner of NFFCO

Mohammed Al Jufairi, Managing Partner of NFFCO Qatar pledged to continue being a part of the project:

It is a great pleasure to be part of this prestigious project. It is a true reflection of Qatar National vision 2030. The opportunities given to us in some of the packages are remarkable and make us very proud. We thank Qatar Rail for their immeasurable support and commitment towards the country’s economic development.

Qatar Rail’s Managing Director and CEO, Eng Abdulla Al Subaie, said:

We, at Qatar Rail, are a staunch advocate of greater participation of the Qatari private sector, Qatar Rail has awarded over 80% of the projects being implemented so far to the private sector. Since the beginning, Qatar Rail has sought to encourage local companies to take part in joint ventures with international companies. The local businesses can provide their expertise on existing systems in the Qatari market, while international companies share their knowledge on the establishment of a world-class rail network. Such partnerships add value to both the company itself and the project it is implementing.

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