Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Abdulla Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al-Thani visited the newly assembled Building Automation and Control System (BACS) centre for the Doha Metro stations, which was recently assembled at one of the Doha Metro project sites. The centre is where the assembly of the BACS panels and the process of connecting all required BACS panels for each station into one complete system would take place.

After rigorous testing, they would then be installed in the respective stations. Sheikh Abdulla Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al-Thani was accompanied by Jassim Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti, Minister of Transport and Communications, and Engineer Abdulla Abdulaziz Al Subaie, Qatar Rail Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

The ongoing operations affirmed Qatar Rail’s commitment to moving forward with the project while ensuring the highest standards of safety and functionality. Dedication to delivery is evident in their decision to relocate the BACS centre from its previous location in Dubai.

The Building Automation and Control System of each station is state of the art and fully automated. The system integrates hardware and software components to control and monitor the stations’ electrical and mechanical systems. It enables the Doha Metro Operator to act as required to ensure the passengers’ utmost level of safety and security is maintained at all times.

Minister of Transport and Communications Jassim Saif Al-Sulaiti said that the quick decision and challenging logistics that were overcome in the relocation of the centre affirms their faith in the project’s adaptability and is a testament to the ability of Qatar Rail’s astute management in coping with unforeseen challenges.

Any doubt that the project will be delayed in light of external factors has been relinquished by the hard work and dedication of the Qatar Rail Team. I would like to thank everyone who has committed to this project from the onset, as the dedication showed by every one of you shows that no challenge is insurmountable. It is this very dedication and commitment to delivery that Qatar can look forward to when enjoying a safe, efficient and world class transportation service managed by a team of experts in their field.’


Speaking during the visit Engineer Abdulla Abdulaziz Al Subaie, Qatar Rail Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer said that completing the installation and testing works in Doha means operations are better supervised and programme delivery is not affected by unforeseen delays.

The facility will also serve as the testing hub where rigorous testing of the functionality and performance of the complete BACS system for each metro station will take place. Upon testing completion, BACS panels and components are disconnected and transported to the construction site of the metro station that they belong for their final installation. The speed and efficiency by which the relocation of the BACS centre took place is indeed a testament to the adaptability and planning capabilities of both Qatar Rail and our partners in light of any sudden challenges.’

With the centre now fully functional and the assembly of the BACS panels underway,  it is clear that the Doha Metro project is progressing unhampered towards completion. The first four Rolling Stock (trains) from Japan are anticipated to arrive in Doha before year end. Three out of the 37 Metro Stations, namely: Al Doha Al Jadeda, Al Qassar and Economic Zone, have been designated as ‘Pilot Stations’ and are expected to be ready for final inspection by Qatar Civil Defence by December 2017.

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