The Al Bairaq Program of Qatar University Center for Advanced Materials (QU-CAM) announced the winners of the Third Cycle (primary schools) and Second Cycle (preparatory schools) of I am Discovering Materials Module at a closing ceremony held recently at the Ibn Khaldoon Hall of Qatar University.

CAM Manager of Outreach and Engagement and Al Bairaq Program Supervisor Dr Noora Al-Thani, together with members of the CAM faculty and representatives from RasGas Company Limited (gold sponsor), Qatar Shell (silver sponsor), and students and teachers from 16 independent and private schools in Qatar, joined the festivities.

Winners of the third and second cycle:  

Preparatory School Winners (Third Cycle)
First Place – Geniuses Team (Al Bayan Independent Preparatory School for Girls)
Second Place – Chemistry Team (Zeinab Independent Preparatory School for Girls)
Third Place – Ibn Al-Qais Team (Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Independent Preparatory School for Boys)

Primary School Winners (Second Cycle)
First Place – Distinguished Team (Muaz Bin Jabal Independent Primary School for Boys)
Second Place – Inventors Team (Al Khansaa Independent Primary School for Girls)
Third Place – Engineers Team (Umm Alqora Independent Primary School for Boys)

Awards were also distributed to winners of the Instagram Competition – the Scientists Team from Al Khansaa Independent Primary School for Girls and the Inventors Team from Al Bayan Independent Preparatory School for Girls.

In her remarks, Dr Noora Al-Thani expressed her gratitude to the team of experts who organised the numerous workshops at schools, which led to the success of the Al Bairaq Program. She also thanked the sponsors for providing the students with an optimal learning environment that enables them to enrich their knowledge and to unlock their potential.

The Al Bairaq Program is based on the STEM-A curriculum which focuses on developing skills in the field of sciences and technology. This shows the importance of applying this curriculum in line with the national aspirations towards a knowledge-based economy.’

Qatar Shell Research & Technology Centre Vice President Mr Youssif Saleh said that the Al Bairaq Program is an excellent opportunity to help prepare the next generation of scientists to solve real-world problems.

These are some of the brightest young minds Qatar has to offer, and we are proud to support their development.’

RasGas Company Limited Human Capital Operations Manager Ebrahim Al-Malik hailed their company’s partnership with the programme for over four years.

We are very proud to support and encourage the initiation of young minds into the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.’

Check out this link for more information about the Al Bairaq Program.