The College of Engineering of Qatar University (QU-CENG) recently honoured 94 students for winning in the Student Design Contest 2018.

The event, sponsored by Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) and Dolphin Energy Limited, was attended by CENG Dean Dr Khalifa Al Khalifa, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Professor Abdelmagid Hammuda, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Professor Abbes Amira, and Assistant Dean for Students Affairs Engineer Al Jazzi Fetais. Students and their parents along with representatives of industrial partners and stakeholders were also present to witness the event.

Dr Khalifa Al Khalifa highlighted the importance of recognising students and their remarkable achievements to motivate them further towards excellence and academic progress. He said he was honoured to be part of the event and to share in the happiness of the students and the college.

Dolphin Energy General Manager-Qatar Hassan Al Emadi said they are always proud to support youth development, academic institutions and the wider, local community. He said that it’s very satisfying to witness the happiness and celebrations displayed by everyone involved in the contest. Al Emadi also emphasised their commitment to programmes that drive quality education and foster community engagement, to enable ‘young talents to pursue their dreams in a world where the demand for technology and innovation is increasing’.

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