QatarDebate recently participated for the first time in the twelfth annual Arab Conference, ‘(Re)Imagining Home’, held at Harvard University campus earlier this month.

QatarDebate delegates travelled to the United States to enhance the role of QatarDebate as a supporter of the conference and to complement cooperation with American universities, in addition to presenting a debate workshop and booth to highlight their activities.

Qatar DebateAbdulrahman Al Subaie, QatarDebate Head of Outreach Program said their partnership with American universities have been fruitful and they have actually started including and teaching QatarDebate’s educational sources in their syllabus. He praised the conference, which he said increased the participants’ desire to see what QatarDebate has to offer. QatarDebate has taken a global approach in promoting the Arabic language.

Al Subaie stressed the importance of participating in the conference.

We have met with great personalities from various cultural backgrounds. The attendees were briefed on QatarDebate initiatives to spread Arabic among Arabs and other nationalities in general.’

Debate Instructor Saad El Asad said the turnout was great on the centre’s booth and the feedback on their educational publications were positive, especially the dictionary of debating terms in Arabic and English. He said that the conference encourages more networking opportunities.

Dr Mahmoud Barraj, Outreach Program Specialist, said the conference is providing a valuable networking space between them and the many academic figures and educational institutions in the world, to exchange experiences on Arabic debate. He pointed out the importance of the the nation’s culture of debate and the work on finding logical solutions that create the balance required between countries.

The Arab Conference at Harvard is the largest pan-Arab conference in North America, bringing together nearly 1,300 students and professionals to discuss key issues with the region’s most prominent politicians, business people, and civil society leaders.

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