More than 25 employees from Sidra Medical and Research Centre (Sidra) participated in the third edition of Qatar Career Development Centre’s (QCDC) Career Advisor Training Course (CATC), the only bilingual programme of its kind in Qatar and the GCC region.

The five-day course kicked off on 12 February at the Education City Clubhouse, welcoming Sidra employees exclusively as part of a joint initiative with QCDC. The majority of participants were experts in the field of human resources, including managers and administrative coordinators.

Abdullah Ahmed Al Mansoori, Director of QCDC said he was delighted with this fruitful cooperation with Sidra. He said that the collaboration reflects the importance of knowledge and expertise exchange between members of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development in line with its mission to provide a better future for Qatar and its people.

This new batch of participants follows 40 other employees who participated in the past two editions of the programme. We will continue to work hard to attract the best talent from around the world to promote career guidance, empower Qatari youth and enable their professional development in line with their potential and capacity.’

The course is designed to equip participants with essential career guidance and planning skills, as well as the necessary tools to assist Qatar’s youth and workforce in their career journeys. It offers participants insight into their career development track and in-depth knowledge of the planning system at their workplace, in addition to guiding and assisting individuals with the use of technology-based applications that benefit career development.

Sidra’s Chief Learning Officer, Dr Kholode Al Obaidli said that Sidra’s capabilities and strategies are tied to the ultimate goal of enabling the growth and advancement of Qatar’s healthcare services. Staff from across clinical, research, academic and support service roles are the driving force that help achieve this, according to her.

We are pleased to work with QCDC in supporting the professional development of our HR and Learning and Development teams. Through this joint collaboration and the support of our leadership at Sidra, we are empowering them to identify, develop and nurture the talent and skills of our employees. Our focus goes beyond our current staff; it also takes into account the next generation of career professionals looking to join the healthcare sector.’

This year’s programme was presented by Dr Sylvia Nassar, a Professor and Doctoral Programme Coordinator of Counselor Education at North Carolina State University.

Dr Nassar, who has served in a variety of clinical mental health, school, and college settings over the past 30 years, and launched several initiatives to promote professionalism of counseling and counselor education, said that throughout his career as an expert in professional counseling and education, he believes that the CATC provides an excellent opportunity to advance the best career planning and guidance practices in Qatar.

Dr Nassar has published books, articles and other instructional materials, and delivered more than 100 conference presentations.

QCDC, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), will hold the fourth edition of the programme in May 2017, providing an opportunity for employees from across Qatar to participate in the course.

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