Qatar Career Development Centre (QCDC), a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), recently wrapped up the first edition of its new programme: ‘My Career – My Future’. The programme, which ran from 7-11 April, is aimed at guiding high school students to better plan their future career paths.

The closing ceremony held on 11 April and attended by parents, the media, and members of Qatar’s community, recognised the group of students enrolled in the programme, who were presented with certificates of attendance.

Addressing the gathering, Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Director of QCDC, said:

We are pleased that Qatari youth have shown great enthusiasm and interest in learning about the best approach to plan their future careers. We must vigorously work to ensure a better future for our youth by contributing to Qatar’s progress and prosperity.’

QCDC ‘My Career – My Future’

The week-long programme dedicated one full day to exploring various professions and featured site visits to leading companies and organisations. These included Qatar Airways, QF (where students visited QF member Sidra Medicine and QF partner university Northwestern University in Qatar) and College of the North Atlantic – Qatar. These visits allowed students to gain first-hand insights into the work environment at these organisations, the extent to which particular jobs matched their skills and potential, and what to expect from each profession.

Madawy Naif, one of the students who participated in the programme, said:

I was confused about which career to pursue in the future and, as a Grade 11 student, I had only one year to decide on my university track.

Thanks to the ‘My Career – My Future Programme,’ I decided that I want to join the airline industry after gaining first-hand insight into the sector during our visit to Qatar Airways.’

Using an edutainment-based approach, the programme engaged students through interactive activities, training workshops, and the field visits to help participants discover their skills and unique talents, and empower them to make the best career choices.  

QCDC ‘My Career – My Future’

The programme featured a variety of stimulating professional activities and training workshops, designed to raise awareness of the importance of academic and career guidance among participants and equip them with the practical skills to succeed. Students participated in workshops on decision-making, problem-solving, and creative thinking, aimed at bolstering their personal skills; building their confidence; and instilling a spirit of entrepreneurship, perseverance, and teamwork.

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