Qatar Petroleum (QP) recently honored a new batch of Qatari nationals who have joined its ranks. They have successfully completed their academic studies and training under QP’s scholarship programme.

The 172 honuorees specialised in 25 different disciplines, and graduated from distinguished universities in Qatar, France, the USA, and UK.

Saad Sherida Al Kaabi, President and CEO of Qatar Petroleum, congratulated the graduates on their success and welcomed them to Qatar Petroleum saying:

Qatar Petroleum’s policy has always placed Qataris at the top of its priorities in education, training, and development. We have also given our nationals the opportunity to gain the practical experience they need to progress professionally and to serve our corporation and our beloved country Qatar. In this respect, I would like to highlight that despite our recent optimisation, we have not reduced our investment in people, their education, and their training because our success is directly linked to the competency of our human capital.

Al Kaabi highlighted the changes Qatar Petroleum has witnessed during the past three years, including its organisation structure and the way it operates, which depends on a distinguished group of young as well as experienced Qataris who have reached where they are through hard work and dedication. He also reviewed major landmarks during that important period which included the decision to raise Qatar LNG production to 100 million tons per year, its international expansion, and the focused effort to become the world’s best national oil and gas company.

Qatar Petroleum’s President and CEO concluded his remarks by expressing his optimism for the future of the new graduates stressing the importance of professional commitment as a way of life, which can ensure that one of them will become in the future the President and CEO of Qatar Petroleum – and will welcome new graduates to QP.

At the end of the ceremony, Saad Sherida Al Kaabi handed certificates of appreciation to all graduates, along with symbolic gifts for outstanding graduates in their fields of specialisation.