Discussions focus on developing new tourism products, nature preservation, visitor safety

Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) met with representatives of community groups to explore means of developing the Sealine and Khor Al Adaid areas, in the first of a series of meetings to address tourism development with relevant stakeholders.

The meeting was hosted by the Mawater Centre Majlis, and attended by the Youth Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Mawater Centre, Qatar Motorcycle Centre ‘Batabit’, Doha Bus and Doha Off-Road Training Centre.

The discussions focused on identifying new and collaborative ways of developing attractive domestic and international tourism products in the area, while preserving its unique natural attributes and ensuring the safety of visitors in an area popular among dune-bashers.

QTA Acting Chairman Hassan Al Ibrahim said that developing the Sealine and Khor Al Adaid areas is among Qatar’s tourism development priorities. He said they are working to achieve these goals in collaboration with private and public sector partners.

Due to the importance of these areas to the local community, as home to traditions – such as desert camping, horse and camel riding, and other safari activities, a starting point must be engaging with the community and understanding their needs.’

He added that enhancing the visitor experience is at the heart of the Next Chapter of Qatar National Tourism Sector Strategy, and these areas hold enormous potential as providers of unique experiences for both domestic and international tourists.

Proposals included setting specific tracks for dune-bashers and 4×4 desert safari drivers. The development of visitor centres, facilities and amenities for the area were also discussed.

Khor Al Adaid, also known as the Inland Sea, is one of only three areas around the world where sand dunes meet the sea. It is considered a top destination for visitors to Qatar, following Doha.

QTA began a programme to enhance visitor experience and ensure the safety of tourists earlier this year through a tour guide training and licensing programme tailored for desert safari guides. The training is provided by the Doha Off-Road Training Centre and helps guides hone their skills across all aspects of off-road driving.

For more information and updates about the planned developments in the Sealine and Khor Al Adaid areas, check out the QTA website at visitqatar.qa.