Qatar University (QU) announced the start of elections for the Sixth Cycle of the Faculty Senate. The nomination for membership in the new senate starts from 11 to 14 February.

Dr Ahmed Al Emadi

The Faculty Senate has been designed with the aim to achieve the principles of transparency and shared responsibility to realise the vision of transforming QU into a model university that offers high-quality learning-centred education in a healthy and constructive learning/teaching environment.

The nominations to run for a seat in the senate will result in the election of members representing the different academic sections at QU. The elected members will conduct an internal election to choose the senate president, vice president and secretary.

QU College of Education (CED) Dean Dr Ahmed Al Emadi said that the senate will conduct studies and propose recommendations on issues related to the university’s academic affairs, educational process and research, which will contribute to boosting the organisation’s academic environment.

The Faculty Senate is an elected body representing QU faculty. It aims to represent and allow for the maximum and direct contribution of QU faculty. It is one of the means through which information about QU policies and procedures is debated and disseminated. The senate encourages faculty to submit proposals which are afterwards discussed to come up with recommendations accordingly.

The senate acts as an advisory entity to QU President. It studies and reviews proposed or existing policies and regulations that govern the business of QU’s legislative and administrative authorities. Discussion outcomes and recommendations are reported to the president.

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