Qatar Foundation science initiative sets the stage for Arab youth to build innovation legacy

Stars of Science is back! The number one Arabic reality TV show driving interest in science and innovation among Arab youth returns for its 9th season. The Qatar Foundation (QF) science initiative goes to the limit to find, mentor, and enable the finest young innovators in the Arab region today. An all-new jury lineup and special appearances by popular alumni are sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Stars of Science sees ambitious candidates develop innovations that will help improve lives and benefit communities. Dreamers and doers will compete to make their mark through science and innovation, but their adventure lasts only if they impress the jury and convince their audiences. It’s a competition of brain over brawn, resilience over strength, with only one candidate to get crowned as Arab world’s top innovator at the end of a grueling 10-week season.

Thousands of hopefuls come out swinging for a spot on the show, and the extraordinary opportunity is not just sought by the geeky. The show has seen them all – the adventurers, the philosophers, and the money-makers. They do have one thing in common though: a passion for problem-solving that’s larger than life. Four finalists will survive elimination rounds to share the cash prize of USD 600,000, ranked by jury and public online votes in the final week of airing.

Khalifa Al Kubaisi, QF Head of Press Office said that the objective of Stars of Science is to bring about positive change.

It serves as an accelerator for developing new products that benefit communities. Building innovation capabilities in the Arab world is very much needed. The TV show offers a glimpse into amazing talents, pushing boundaries to make that happen. They are bold and brave, but we also see them struggle with setbacks and obstacles. By encouraging young Arabs to become science and technology problem-solvers, we cultivate a culture of innovation and progress.’

Throughout the season, Stars of Science innovators must satisfy a three-person jury to avoid elimination. The formidable Professor Fouad Mrad returns, as does his partner-in-crime, the shrewd Professor Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry. The new addition of cool-as-ice visionary Dr Khalid M Al-Ali promises to bring a laser sharp focus to the group.

10 Fast-paced Episodes

Stars of Science features 10 fast-paced episodes that challenge all innovators to outperform their fellow competitors. Episodes are grouped into four rounds: casting, prototyping, customer validation, and the finale. The winner, determined by a combination of jury and public online voting, receives USD $300,000 in funding for their groundbreaking idea, while finalists in second, third, and fourth places will be awarded USD $150,000, USD $100,000, and USD $50,000, respectively.

Stars of Science has a strong track record of empowering pan-Arab innovators and problem-solvers, catapulting brilliant ideas into successful projects and businesses. The show equips innovators with the knowledge and skills to become the entrepreneurs, researchers, and scientists of the future. Since its launch in 2008, Stars of Science alumni have raised USD $14,545,918 independently through revenues, venture capital, and research grants. They have established more than 19 businesses around the region and have volunteered their time to encourage and inspire tens of thousands of Arab youth. Stars of Science alumni have also been involved in workshops, talks, and community building activities that include maker spaces, schools, and traveling fabrication laboratories.

The show will be aired on different TV channels across the region. For a full broadcast guide, visit