Visitors were once again treated to an extraordinary show, part of the diverse array of cultures at the ‘Cultural Diversity Festival’ organised by the Cultural Village Foundation- Katara in cooperation with the UNESCO office in Doha.

Katara’s amphitheatre witnessed audiences get enthralled by folk dance performances from Slovakia and Indonesia.

The Slovakian folk ensemble Starisan were applauded by the audiences, as performers spread enormous energy, enthusiasm, and positive vibes among the attendees with their outstanding costumes and graceful moves. The performers took centre-stage and dance following a Slovakian melody that represented the richness of the European traditions.

Slovakian Troupe Starisan
Slovakian Troupe Starisan

The traditional Slovakian troupe was established as a non-profit organisation by a group of enthusiastic people, who not only want to spend their free time in a meaningful way, but who also want to nurture and spread the Slovakian folk culture. They currently have more than 30 active members.

Following the Slovakian performance, the Nona Asri performers captivated the audiences with an array of Indonesian songs and disciplined movements. The Indonesian troupe aims to spread a taste of the Indonesian culture. Established in 2010, the troupe has won several awards, and performed in South Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey and Australia.

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