Did you know you can sponsor another individual or family in need from any part of the world for as little as QAR150 per month? 

Qatar Charity allows individuals to sponsor an orphan, student, teacher, preacher, person with special needs, or a poor family. A sponsorship is a monthly committed donation on a long term basis that helps those in need to start a new and healthy life. It lifts them out of poverty, war zones, hunger, and disease. Qatar Charity offers a wide range of sponsorships, and implements easy and innovative approaches to manage them, such as mobile apps, online sponsorship, and home collection agents.

According to Qatar Charity, their sponsorship programme stems from their core belief that every human deserves to be loved, educated, healthy and safe, regardless of who, how and where people were born. 

Qatar Charity has been managing sponsorship projects for years, providing many methods and solutions that help people donate to people in need around the world through their donation campaigns in the holy month of Ramadan, and in Hajj, and in shopping malls. Qatar Charity has also created technology solutions that help you ensure that those in need without having to leave your home. You simply donate through the association’s website and mobile applications.

Sponsor an orphan

Torn by conflicts, wars, and epidemics, the number of orphans around the globe is rapidly increasing, reaching a critical level, and it requires collective efforts to end the orphan crisis. Team up with Qatar Charity and sponsor an orphan now to provide aid and support. Millions of orphans around the world are facing war and conflict alone. They are everywhere, from every corner of this world, sharing the same tales of loss and loneliness. Unsheltered and hungry, orphans are waiting for help, any help that may change their sad reality. 

A committed monthly donation on a long term basis will secure an orphan’s future by providing nutritious healthy food and proper warm clothes. Your donation will help bring them back to school, ensuring that they receive proper education, get regular health checkups and live in a safe environment. 

Sponsor a person with special needs

Stigmatisation, marginalisation and exclusion – this is the story of 150 million children with disabilities around the world, most of whom live in underdeveloped countries where they are subjugated to all kinds of social and administrative discrimination, mistreatment and no access to proper education that suits their special case. It is very challenging to live with a physical or mental disability, deprived of basic human rights where no adequate education is provided, no medical services that support their case, no public awareness to protect them from physical abuse and social stigma. People with special needs are likely to die young if adequate healthcare is not provided.

A committed monthly donation will protect people with special needs and bring them back to their communities as active members. Being educated, protected and healthy, they can fulfil their full potential. Your sponsorship will reduce their social isolation and open doors for more opportunities. 

Sponsor a poor family

The rates of global poverty remain unbelievably high, knowing that nearly half of the world’s population is poor where 1.3 billion of them live in extreme poverty. Help fight poverty and partner with Qatar Charity to sponsor a poor family. Having not enough food, no access to clean drinking water and exposed to all kinds of diseases, poor families around the world are struggling for survival, which leaves them limited and life-threatening options such as child labour, human trafficking, organ trafficking, and modern-day servitude. Economic crises, natural disasters, and wars are other factors undermining the efforts to fight world poverty, which make it an enormous task to overcome. Poverty is a form of social injustice, and it is very important to pay attention to the poor and their daily struggle. 

A committed monthly donation will aid families in dire need to have enough food, proper clothing, regular medical checkups and clean drinking water. Regardless of how small the amount is, your help will make a change. Your sponsorship will bring back long forgotten warmth to an impoverished family, protect the children and put a roof over their heads. Periodic reports and images of your sponsored family will be provided to witness their progress in leading a better life. 

Sponsor a student

Approximately 17% of the world’s population is illiterate, having no access to basic education. Illiteracy among the youth exceeds 122 million, with young women representing 60%. The magnitude of the need for proper education is a daunting challenge that can only be overcome through collective awareness and aid. Fight illiteracy by sponsoring a student through Qatar Charity and help change thousands of lives. Acquiring education has become a struggle to people in impoverished areas where poor families are no longer able to bear the burden of education expenses. It is no surprise why the rates of child labour and child neglect are extremely high in underdeveloped countries especially in rural communities.

Your sponsorship will help put children in schools and ensure they receive long-term education. Qatar Charity will provide you with up to date reports and images about the progress of your sponsored student(s). 

Sponsor a preacher

As Qatar Charity is a Muslim charity organisation, it proudly shares its Islamic values with the world. According to Qatar Charity, it is every Muslim’s duty to stand out and relay the message of Islam to the world. 

By sponsoring a preacher, Qatar Charity believes you can help spread the word of Islam. The beauty of Islam lies in its humanitarian approach to encompass all people from different walks of life, and to engulf them under one umbrella, an umbrella of love, compassion and charity. Islam is a religion that bridges gaps between cultures and goes beyond race and ethnicity, gender and social class. 

The importance of sponsoring a preacher is to provide Islamic knowledge to all those who seek it. Preachers will reach out to remote communities and help educate people, assist elders and liaise with relief campaigns. The role of preachers is not only educational; it is by and large a reformatory one. 

Sponsor a teacher

Many needy communities around the globe do not have enough teachers to educate children. Teachers are being underpaid and constantly at risk due to poor living conditions. Team up with Qatar Charity to fight illiteracy and help build a better future for children in needy communities and sponsor a teacher. With no qualified teachers, illiteracy rates in underdeveloped countries will be likely to surge especially in war and conflict zones. With the global shortage of skilled teachers, thousands of children in these communities are not enrolled in schools due to the lack of teachers.

Your sponsorship will help recruit, provide training and support teachers to reach out to all children in remote communities. It will provide them with an up to par education that will allow them to have better opportunities in life and broaden their dreams and aspirations. Your sponsorship will also aid underpaid teachers to grow as individuals personally and professionally. With more teachers sponsored, education will be accessible to all those in need of it. 

Sponsorship available in the following countries:


  • Benin
  • Burkina Faso
  • Morocco
  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Togo
  • Mali
  • Tunisia


  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan


  • Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kosovo

Middle East

  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Palestine
  • Qatar
  • Turkey

Sponsoring via Qatar Charity

• You can select a child to sponsor depending on the data and receive images and update.

• Look for a child to sponsor depending on age, gender, or the value of the sponsorship. In addition, if you wish,
you can become the only sponsor.

• After selecting, you will receive an annual report, follow up and moment-by-moment updates.

For more information or to sponsor, you may visit Qatar Charity or visit their website.

Other organisations around the world providing sponsorship opportunities:

Lead image caption: Sponsor Selfie Day was launched by Compassion International, a Christian humanitarian aid child sponsorship organisation dedicated to the long-term development of children and families living in poverty around the world. On September 16, Compassion sponsors all over the world shared selfies — but not just any selfie. Sponsors shared photos of themselves with their sponsored child’s photo on social media using the hashtag #SponsorSelfieDay with the purpose to show people just how easy it is to impact the life of a child living in poverty. With sponsors in Canada, Australia, the US and the UK, Compassion aims to hope more than one million sponsors share their selfies. For more information, visit compassion.com.

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