The Middle East’s largest and first full-immersion wellness destination, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, is supporting guests on their journey towards holistic wellness and spiritual purification during the holy month of Ramadan with tailormade sustainable wellness and dietary programmes specifically designed to prepare mind and body for periods of fasting, devotion and reflection.

Ramadan is a special time for reflection, self-improvement, kindness and spirituality, when those observing the holy month fast from dawn to dusk. Fasting has been used as a healing, spiritual and purification process for centuries, allowing the body to detox from overeating and exposure to unwanted chemicals in food and the environment. Changes to eating habits, sleeping patterns and daily routine can however affect physical and mental health, so it is especially important to look after one’s wellbeing during any period of fasting.

Aligned with the phases of the holy month – prior, during and post-season – Zulal Wellness Resort’s tailored programmes and specially-devised meal plans are focused on preparing for and supporting fasting, bringing guests’ digestive and metabolic systems back to optimal function as well as rebalancing mind, body and spirit.

Before stepping into Ramadan fasting, Zulal Wellness Resort’s Therapeutic Cleanse Retreat programme, together with Cleansing Diet, are ideal for preparing the digestive system for a period of fasting, by balancing the microbiome and improving the metabolism.

The first 10 days of Ramadan are considered the days of Mercy; a time to reflect on the body as a blessing, and care for it accordingly. Healing the gut by acting on the mental balance is the right step to take control of the health, especially during Ramadan. Zulal’s Mind-Body Retreat and Gut Healing Diet work in tandem to re-establish the connection between gut and brain, balance the mind and heal the gut.

The middle 10 days of the holy month are aligned with forgiveness and provide an opportunity to internalise and establish healthy physical and mental lifestyle choices. Building on the positive habits initiated during the first two phases, Zulal’s Sustainable Weight Loss programme focuses on restoring the gut and digestive system functions. The programme combines a personalised diet programme with metabolism-boosting exercises and detoxifying treatments to support and educate guests on best practices to help achieve their long-term wellness goals.

While the first 20 days of Zulal’s Ramadan programme are aligned with self-discovery and self-improvement, the last 10 are centred on connection, the familial nature of holy month and bringing people together. Zulal’s unique dedicated family offering, Zulal Discovery, offers an inclusive Family Bonding Retreat focused on encouraging families including the young ones to explore health habits, while fostering stronger connections between families. The programme is designed to create shared experiences that strengthen bonds whilst enjoying family-centric activities and meals for a memorable Ramadan experience – especially for children fasting for the first time.

Each retreat programme at Zulal Wellness Resort includes accommodation and individually tailored wellness cuisine meals per day; a personal health and wellness consultation; customised treatments based on individual goals and Ramadan practice; and full access to daily activities and the wellness centre, including hydrothermal suite, sauna, steam rooms, Himalayan salt room and swimming pools.

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