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What to Watch, Read and Listen to

You don’t need to have seen the previous 10 series of Bob’s Burgers, but you may want to before starting Season 11 this week, because it is brilliant. The award-winning animated series is a comedic masterpiece, following the trials and tribulations of Bob as he tries to make ends meet in his burger restaurant – which only ever seems to have Teddy the handyman as its customer – with the ‘help’ of his wife Linda and their three kids: adolescent Tina, musician Gene, and troublemaker Louise. Each week is another wacky episode, whether in the restaurant, at Wagstaff School, or fighting with nemesis Jimmy Pesto at the rival pizzeria across the street. Hapless Bob is voiced by Emmy award-winning H Jon Benjamin (he also appears as Sterling Archer on another cult favourite, Archer), and has regular appearances from Kevin Kline as Bob’s eccentric one-eyed landlord, Mr Calvin Fischoeder, and Zach Galifianakis as Felix, Calvin’s temperamental younger brother. Catch Bob’s Burgers on Fox, Hulu and Ooredoo TV.


There is only one person who can reliably know about the possible future for all life on Earth and that person is Sir David Attenborough. His new documentary David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet is a sober look back over his 93 years living on Earth and what he has learnt about the current climate emergency. We see Attenborough as a young boy collecting fossils and footage from his extraordinary 60+ year career on TV, and hear his thoughts on the damage we are doing to the planet. But it isn’t all doom and gloom; Attenborough reassures us that we can act now to halt this potential disaster – we can save the planet, and we can save ourselves. On Netflix from 4 October.


What to Watch, Read and Listen to

The Meaning of Mariah Carey is apparently the first time the legendary singer-songwriter has put pen to paper and documented her life story. She has stated that this will be a full and unfiltered account of her many ups and downs, from her childhood to the woman she has become today. Written with Michaela Angela Davis, this deeply personal memoir shares the diva’s struggles with racism and abuse, her marriages and motherhood, and her rise from a teenager looking for her big break to global superstar. Finally we get to see the real Mariah Carey, in her own words. A new album, The Rarities, is released at the same time.


What to Watch, Read and Listen to

American soul singer Aloe Blacc is best known for his singles I Need a Dollar and The Man, and for collaborating with the late Avicii on Wake Me Up. His new album All Love Everything is his first since the Grammy-nominated Lift Your Spirit seven years ago, and the first since he became a father. The tracks were recorded prior to today’s troubled times of coronavirus and social unrest, yet provide the musical equivalent of a comfy warm blanket we can wrap ourselves up in. ‘Rather than a genre, my music is about A.I.M.: affirmation, inspiration, and motivation,’ Blacc says. Available from 2 October.

Author: Sarah Palmer

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