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Disappearances, murders, lost loves, paranormal encounters – hit show Unsolved Mysteries is back for a new series on Netflix. Based on the original show in the 1980s, the series uses re-enactments and interviews to bring us lesser-known true crimes that have so far not been resolved. Season 2 has another six episodes, again engaging us with multiple voices and stories, perfect for all armchair sleuths. The first series actually had more than 4,000 tips from viewers, and the franchise overall has led to the resolution of more than 260 cases. It seems we can never get enough of true crime TV. ‘For every mystery there is someone somewhere who knows the truth. Perhaps that someone is watching. Perhaps it’s you.’ – original host Robert Stack.


Perennial psychological thriller, and potential unsolved mystery, Rebecca is now available on Netflix with a fantastic all-star cast. Rebecca has been the subject of numerous movie, television and radio adaptations, famously by Orson Welles in 1938, the year the book was released, and Alfred Hitchcock in 1940. In this new version, Lily James is Mrs de Winter, the second wife of Maxim (Armie Hammer), with the brilliant Kristin Scott Thomas as main protagonist Mrs Danvers, the housekeeper. The recently wed Mrs de Winter #2 finds herself living in the shadow of dead Mrs de Winter #1, with the letter ‘R’ strewn everywhere around the house and her legacy still very much present despite her death. Fans of the novel by Daphne du Maurier will delight in this new version of a gothic romance favourite.


What to Watch, Read and Listen to

Set in 1634, award-winning author Stuart Turton brings us a remarkable whodunnit set on the high seas. The Devil and the Dark Water is the gripping tale of Samuel Pipps, the world’s greatest detective, en route to Amsterdam from Indonesia to be executed for a crime he may or may not have committed. With him is his bodyguard Arent Hayes, and together they must try and prove Pipps’ innocence. This is an eight-month journey set within the confines of a cramped merchant ship that they must all survive, battling the elements, the murder of other passengers, and strange demonic activity. Think Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson meets Pirates of the Caribbean with a tad of Stephen King thrown in for good measure! This is an excellent murder-mystery with nowhere for anyone to hide.


What to Watch, Read and Listen to

After the passing of Glenn Frey in 2016, Don Henley announced The Eagles would not perform together again. He subsequently changed his mind and announced his decision to play a North American tour. Glenn’s son Deacon was invited to join the tour, as Henley stated ‘the only way it felt justified to me was to have family blood in the band’. Live from the Forum MMXVIII is a live album from concerts at the Forum in Los Angeles in September 2018, and is a boxed set of stacks of the band’s hits – 33 in total – and which runs to a staggering 2 hours and 17 minutes. The Eagles were the first band to have their concert aired on ESPN, such is their popularity; both concert film and album are available now on a number of platforms and formats.

Author: Sarah Palmer

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