Ashghal Diversion Doha Qatar

A distance of nearly 1.5 km between Al Gharrafa and Umm Lekhba intersections will be temporarily closed for 6 nights, Ashghal announced. 

The closure and resultant diversion, aimed at installing a new bridge between Al Gharrafa and Madinat Khalifa North is to be held on Thursday, 11  January between 12:30 am and 4:30 am, and on Friday, 12 January from 2 am-9 am. The detour will resume on the following four nights back to back 13-16 January, 12:30 am-4:30 am.

The traffic diversion will require the closure of Al Shamal Road carriageway and service roads in each direction along with the Al Gharrafa Intersection bridge. Also, traffic leading to Doha and Al Shamal on the Immigration intersection roundabout will be diverted while other exits of the roundabout leading from and to Khalifa Street and Doha will be opened.

Motorists commuting from Doha to Al Shamal are advised to take a right at Al Gharrafa intersection onto Khalifa Street, turn left at Al Markhiya Intersection towards Arab Leagues Street, then join Al Markhiya Street by taking left the next Dahl Al Hamam intersection towards Landmark intersection underpass and take right towards Al Shamal Road, afterwards.

Motorists commuting from Al Shamal to Doha are advised to take a left onto Umm Lekhba intersection underpass towards Al Markhiya Street, turn right at the next Dahl Al Hamam Intersection towards Al Markhiya Intersection on Khalifa Street, then turn right towards the Al Gharrafa intersection and take the third exit of the roundabout towards Doha, afterwards.