The collaborative culinary display is exhibited at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, until April 10.

This Ramadan buffet is a feast for the eyes. In every sense.

Forty Art Foundation students studying at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar – a Qatar Foundation partner university – each contributed a dish for an iftar, made entirely out of paper!

The ‘Ramadan Feast’ is on display in the main foyer of Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, in Education City until April 10. Please check Mathaf’s  website for Ramadan timings.

The collaborative sculpture was the culmination of a class project in their Surface and Space Research Studios module, part of their Art Foundation year. At its core, it presents a project of material exploration, highlighting the idea that a collection of individual creations can form a cohesive whole greater than the sum of its parts—a moment captured at a Ramadan sunset.

The module is taught by Art Foundation Associate Professors Nathan Davis and Maysaa Almumin, along with Teaching Assistants Amira Mohamed and Karmina Asaad.

The participating students are Alia’ Abdul Khaleq, Jana Abou Zaghla, Mujahidatus Sha Ad Daiyah, Dana D Ahmed, Meera Al-Ali, Reema Al-Ali, Aisha Al-Binali, Jumana Al-Emadi, Shaymaa Al-Hashimi, Fatima Al-Kubaisi, Hissa Al-Kuwari, Shahd Al-Muftah, Maryam Al-Nassr, Maria Ali, Farah Osman, Ameena Rasul, Minahil Saeed, Malak Sedki, Kawther Terchi, Shamma Al-Ali, Moudhi Al-Balam, Amna Al-Kuwari, Maryam Al-Kuwari, Aljohara Al-Meraikhi, Salha Al-Mohannadi, Muneera Al-Mohannadi, Fatima Al-Muftah, Najla Al-Obaidan, Afraa Al-Sahlawi, Maryam Al-Sharim, Mayyar Al-Shbail, Haya Al-Thani, Essa AlMahmoud, Farida Elgendy, Shahd Khalaf, Sarah Khankan, Ouiame Moussalik, Abdelrahman Shaltout, Hiba Smini and Fatima Sufi.

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